Being on the committee is great. It’s fun, engaging and is a chance to learn new skills as part of one of the most active societies in the clinical school. If you want to get involved, elections are held each year around June, and will be advertised on our Facebook page.

Jiang An Lim
Jiang An LimPresident
Vineet Dinakaran
Vineet DinakaranVice-President
Victor Lu
Victor LuTreasurer
Yaara Arnsberg
Yaara Arnsberg Secretary
Rahul Geetala
Rahul GeetalaPublicity
James Zhang
James ZhangTransplant Co-Ordinator
Kimberley Wang
Kimberley WangAccess
Bhumi Shah
Bhumi ShahAccess Officer
Isabella Sealey
Isabella SealeyNational Anatomy Competition Lead
Neha Ramu
Neha RamuEvents
Akos Marton
Akos MartonEvents
Shravan Gowrishankar
Shravan GowrishankarEvents
Alice Clarke
Alice ClarkeEvents
Zhu Xuan Zhong
Zhu Xuan ZhongEvents
Kethaki Prathivadi
Kethaki PrathivadiEvents
Alex Fung
Alex FungEvents
Christina Okafor
Christina OkaforEvents
Sophie BeardallEvents
Jiaqi Li
Jiaqi LiEvents