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Whether you’ve already decided that surgery is the career for you, or just want to find out what surgery is all about, we’re sure that you will find something for you at CU SurgSoc.

“The society was set up with the aim of fostering an interest in surgery through engaging practical events, talks from trained surgeons and providing plentiful resources online. We know sometimes surgery can seem a manic boys-club, full of unwritten rules of “stand here” and “don’t touch that” and can seem a daunting world to enter! Surgery is an exciting place with something for everyone and we’d love to help you make the most out of the opportunities available.

For 2020-21, we have many events lined up, including subcuticular suturing, multiple careers events and a Women in Surgery Conference later in the year as well as our annual flagship Foundation Skills in Surgery event. The website is also getting an overhaul so stay tuned for advice on where to go on elective, how to get involved in surgery, the do’s and don’t’s of the operating room as well as a new “day in the life” video series from a range of specialties.”

So, welcome back to all new and returning students and we hope you’re as excited as we are for the year ahead.

Kiran Joshi

CU Surgical Society President 2020-21


Where should I go on elective? What should I be revising? What is “being scrubbed”? Or maybe it’s exam term and your endless search for procrastination has led you here… Whatever your reason, congrats for being in the right place.
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